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Gujarat is the largest producer of cotton in India because its climatic and geographical conditions are ideal for cotton production. Black soil mixed with lime and potash, water retentive capacity, 50 cm rainfall, 26°C temperature etc. are suitable for cotton cultivation. Gujarat is providing with all these factors.

We are located at India’s best cotton growing area, the Saurashtra region, which is also the largest producing area of Raw Cotton in India. It’s proximity to the leading Indian Sea Ports gives us an advantage of cost of transportation of goods from our factory to the loading ports.

This place is totally irrigated. About 100% of agriculture land is irrigated that’s why the quality & production ratio of the cotton of this station is better than the others.

The environment and soil of this area is so good that these farms produce world’s best cotton.

Our city Tankara is famous for quality cotton bales production, and there are around 50 to 70 cotton ginning factories and many cotton oil mills. This area is largest business center in the field of cotton oil mill and ginning industries in Saurashtra and 2th in Gujarat. The industry is the fastest growing in this region.


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