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Shanker-6 cotton contains less NEPS and produce better spinning output in compared to other world cotton. This results in more yarn output along with better CSP in spinning with good dye absorption.

Latest technology and manufacturing equipment has improved the quality of cotton bales. Even the cotton bales are being made fine with advanced equipment.

Staple Length

The most important fiber quality is Fiber Length, Measured either in inches or in mm.

 Fiber Strength

Strength is essential for stronger yarns and higher processing speeds.Strength is measured in HVI (High Value Instrument) and result is given in terms of Grams/Tex.

Micronaire for Fineness and Maturity

Usually Micronaire value is referred to evaluate fineness of Cotton and its suitability for spinning particular count of Yarn.

Cotton Grade

Evaluating colors, leaf and ginning preparation determine Cotton grade. Higher-grade Cottons provide better yarn appearance and reduced process waste.


Trash is a measure of the amount of non-lint materials in cotton, such as leaf and bark from the cotton plant

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